Ways To Waste Time

Spent five hours working on a project on which I received little to no guidance.  If I were a manager I’d do my best to do more than pay lip service to “training” and “explaining” how certain things should be done.

The amount of time you save because you shout a few words at someone isn’t worth the bad feelings that are created for you and for them.

It bears noting that if I felt good about the work I turned in and didn’t wonder if it would be kicked back to me I would be more relaxed. Kind of frustrating to say the least.

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A Man Of Few Words

I met someone at a family party a few weeks ago that I didn’t particularly care for.  They were one of those know-it-all types who makes a point to try to prove how much smarter they are and how much more life experience they have.

While I am never afraid to engage with these people I try hard not to because there is rarely any sort of upside or benefit to doing so.

The party was no exception.

He spent his time telling everyone who would listen who they should vote for in the next election and why.

Midway through the evening he tried to get me to agree that his position was correct but I refused.

“The election is too far away for me to worry about who I am voting for. Let’s see who the candidates are.”

“You are a man of very few words.”

I looked at him and said I had a couple that might be appropriate for the moment. He asked me what they might be and I said “dumb and dumber” came to mind as did “vapid,” “dunce” and “moron.”

For a moment I thought he might recognize that I was referring to him and then the second was gone because he was off to the races again about the candidates.

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And The Days Roll By

Friday morning has arrived and I can barely remember the week. Concerns me to see so much time has passed and to feel like I got so little out of it.

I know that really isn’t the case, but sometimes it is hard to recall all that happened. Makes me wonder if I paid close enough attention to all that came and went.

Adjusting The Plan(s)

I had planned on updating all of my blogs today. Made sure I arranged and organized my day so that I could do so and then a tech snafu screwed that one up.

I had to laugh at this one because it came not long after I told my son that sometimes you have to be ready to adjust your plan(s) because what you intended or wanted to do won’t work for reasons that you can’t control.

It can be frustrating, but it does make life interesting sometimes.

Not Quite Vertigo

I have had this strange feeling for two days now that I can only describe as not quite vertigo. Not really sure what it is or how it came about, just know it is irritating.

Very peculiar, it has slowed me down…marginally, primarily because I wasn’t sure about driving because I felt off.

But when I stood up and started moving I realized I wasn’t dizzy, just off. So I powered through it and I suppose I’ll do it again.

Wish I knew more specifics for how to make it just go away, but my guess is that it will regardless of what I do. Just one of those things, doesn’t matter all that much, as long as the kids aren’t impacted no one will care.

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Force of Will

There are moments when I know that what is happening around me is nothing more than luck and circumstance and others where I know a combination of hard work and force of will is responsible.

Today is one of those days where I can pat myself on the back for sticking it out and refusing to quit.

Need to write more about it, think I will later.

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