Still Blogging All Over

As I mentioned in the prior post I am still blogging all over, including the new Medium blog but old Jack is still primarily focused at TheJackB.

If you are not spending time over there here is a list of links:


Went hard and fast every day this week, collapsed on Thursday night.

Not literally, but close enough. Got home from the airport, ate dinner and fell asleep in my favorite chair.

Four hours later I woke up, listened to some music and went back to sleep.

Friday morning and afternoon have been very slow paced, been very deliberate in my actions and movements.

Wrote a few things, did some work.

Reminded myself to breathe.

Good things coming.

What do you see


I have never been a big fan of packing, even for short trips like the one I am about to leave on.

Even when I bring the ‘perfect’ amount of stuff I almost always feel like something is missing, at least until the plane takes off at which point I figure there is no point in making myself crazy about what I forgot, if I forgot anything.

More often than not I can buy a replacement when I get to my destination.

Don’t know if I will be able to update this or any of the other blogs so if you are in need of more reading material try clicking here or here.

Furious Isn’t Quite The Word

Furious isn’t really the appropriate word nor is rage or frustration.

It is all of them and none of them at the same time. Not entirely sure why and maybe that is part of the issue.

Or maybe it is just a triple dose of frustration about fighting the same battles over and over again and feeling like there is no one that has my back.

Most days it doesn’t bother me, I don’t have to have the help, it is nice when it is there but not necessary, but every now and then…

I suppose what I really need is a few moments of quiet and the ability to finish what I am doing without being interrupted 198 times.

Making Time To Write

I need to figure out a better way to make time to write than these hit and run posts like this one or throwing something onto Medium and adding a couple of lines and a different headline than on the main blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being able to test out the new headlines and see significant value in it, but it is not enough, it doesn’t compensate for not writing the way I want and need to.

Too busy to write isn’t a good excuse, it is part of why my heart and soul ache.

So I will find time, even if it means less sleep. If you want to make things happen you have to do what is required.

And here is a link to all sorts of other links, some good posts there…