The Intensity of Words

Someone once told me they didn’t like speaking with me when I was angry. It wasn’t because they were afraid I would physically hurt them but because they said they could feel the intensity of my feelings coming through my words.

Don’t know if I ever bought that but I have wondered from time to time how some people might have responded if they would have had to look me in the eye during some conversations.

You Must Be Deluded

The guy from the prior post reached out to me to talk again about his marriage which wasn’t really the sort of conversation I wanted to have with him…again.


Because he provided me with a long list of reasons why he should be able to continue doing as he is doing and how it is of benefit to everyone.

Except I don’t buy what he is selling and I already told him that.

It is delusional, misguided, foolish, foolhardy and I don’t believe it is going to work. Of course none of that is my business and I haven’t any desire to tell him any of this.

Do I have a choice in the matter?

Sure, I don’t have to be honest. I can lie and use the same story he is weaving to try and convince himself he is in the right.

It reminds me of being forced to eat shrimp for the sake of being polite. I can do it, but I have significant trouble not making faces while I do it.

Shrimp is the cockroach of the sea and no matter how you cook, season and deliver it to my stomach I feel like I just forced something horrible where it doesn’t belong.

But I also understand why someone might try to lie to themselves or perhaps not recognize the lie they are telling. Sometimes people repeat a story so many times they almost come to believe it.

Anyhoo, I managed to keep him focused on things other than his marriage so I didn’t have to worry about whether I should or should not try to tell him what I think. Better for him to figure it out without me and if on the off chance I am wrong I don’t have to worry about guilt.

Of course if I feel like I did or do something for the right reasons guilt isn’t something I have to worry about so there is that, but we’ll save that conversation for a different day.

And with that I’ll shamelessly plug some other posts:

Clear Talk

A buddy of mine told me he wants to divorce his wife but won’t do it until his kids are in college. He said they have been to counseling and tried to do what they can to save the marriage but he thinks it is done and dead.

So he intends to hold on for another nine years and then he’ll ‘cut her loose.’

I asked him if he really thinks he can hold on that long and he said he can do it for the kids. When he asked me what I thought I told him I hope he doesn’t drop dead before then.

It wasn’t meant to be rude or obnoxious but I don’t know if he really understood that. Nor was I trying to be insouciant or uncaring.

I just couldn’t say nothing, not this time.

Packing and Cleaning

There are days where you just do your thing and days when you can’t because you are packing and cleaning. Sometimes it feels endless but it is always worth doing. No point dragging around things you don’t need for the rest of your life.

Who Has Your Back

There are days where you wonder about whether anyone has your back and days when you are certain.

Sometimes that certainty is rooted in the positive because you know that if things go to hell there will be someone by your side and sometimes you know that if they do, well you are on your own.


Every now and then I flip through my stats to see what’s hot because the way to build traffic is to focus on content your readers want.

During the past three days someone has focused on
Study: Women Are in Charge at Home so I suppose I could provide more content in a similar vein, but thing is, that study doesn’t jibe with how I grew up or live now.

Might be true for some, but not me. More importantly I don’t find it interesting enough to make it a focal point, at least not today.

But I might consider doing more with it anyhow, can’t hurt to think about it.

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