Dresses & Beatings

Took at look at the previous post and thought about the beatings. Took a look somewhere else and saw a woman in a dress aand forgot the beating.

Thought about the dress and the woman and played around with a few ideas I won’t share here. 🙂

Remembered the beating and wondered if there isn’t a way to make everything work out as I hope. Decided there is, but can’t say for certain because we only get so much control over things, but who knows.

Stranger things than this have happened, sometimes hope and a dream can be enough…

A Good Beating

Someone told me that things sound like they are pretty rough. I smiled and said I am taking a good beating and they said it didn’t sound pleasant.

I said it wasn’t and then explained I am surviving.

“What does that mean?”

I offered the following as a sort of explanation.

“The worst part of a fist fight to me isn’t necessarily getting hit. I don’t like it, but I hate the anticipation, wondering what might happen and whether it will really hurt. Once I get hit the anticipation goes away because I know what it feels like and I adjust.”

Can’t say they told totally understood, but I think they mostly got it.

What is going on right now is sort of an old-fashioned ass kicking but I give as good as I get, if not better.

I don’t want to say I have a handle on it all because I don’t, but I have a pretty good grip and most of the time I feel like it is getting better.

But there are moments that are heartbreaking and there is a dull ache that doesn’t want to go away.

Won’t be like this forever, just have to keep pushing forward. Would be nice to get some help and more than a hug.

But hell, even a hug or two would go a long way.

Regardless of what happens I am going to press on, can’t stare at the fog, have to walk into and through.

Brass Knuckles Not Needed

Not particularly happy about having to get on another plane but at least it is a quick trip.

Since I am not going be flying United brass knuckles are not needed. That is a good thing.

Wish this was done and over with because I have to deal with some crazy ass personal stuff that seems to be never ending.

A simple life would be nice but I don’t think simple is an option. However bat shit crazy shouldn’t be the default either.

I’ll get things situated and settled, but damn it would be nice to have some support.