Coast To Coast & Then Some

California, Florida and Texas all done in less than a week.

Too many miles and too little sleep but sometimes you push down on the accelerator and pray that your engine doesn’t blow and that your eyes don’t close.

And now I am back at the computer playing catch up, it is always fun being on the hamster wheel.

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Note To Self

Drinking Jagermeister and Red Bull is a great way to remind you that sometimes you should listen to the voice inside that screams don’t be stupid, you’re not 25.

Wasn’t drunk or buzzed, but the morning hurt. 


Roommate snores like a bear, good guy but damn he is loud. Fortunately it’s only for a few days.

Just a few days of this is enough, prefer my own space but it’s not too bad. He is cool.

And we’re off, first session calls and so does coffee.

Time To Pack

It is time to pack. Got an early morning flight tomorrow.

I don’t like packing and I don’t like flying but I do what has to be done so that I can get myself to the place I picture. This is all part of the process, or so I convince myself. Will be gone until Saturday night so there might not be much new stuff here or there might.

Depends on how much free time I get and whether I feel like using alternative sources to blog with.

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Comfortable Shoes

I wrote about comfortable shoes this morning and decided I really needed my own pair so off I went to Nordstrom.  I am now the proud owner of my first pair of Ecco shoes.

They cost a couple of bucks but I am a proponent of spending money on certain things like our feet not because of vanity but because if you treat your feet well your whole body will thank you.

I noticed the difference immediately and my feet, knees, hips and back thanked me.


Been frustrated by how busy I have been because it has kept me from writing. Even though I am pretty damn good at what I do it doesn’t enable me to navigate the pitfalls and hurdles with the sort of ease I want.

If nothing changes that will but I have found that everything changes so I expect that as soon as I start to feel settled the world will start spinning harder and faster.

I anticipate some of that to happen in the next week or so because that is tied in with all sorts of movement and craziness and that is just how life works for me…sometimes.

My main complaint/concern is the impact upon my writing. I rarely find myself feeling like I am in a groove but I have felt pretty damn close to the thing recently, not here but on the other blog.

Now I just need to carve out some time to really write and maybe to secure a second office and try to forget how much I dislike flying.

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Money Well Spent?

I purchased a Big Black Book of information today. It came from a trusted online resource and is supposed to help me gain access to editors at a wide variety of online publications.

In concept it is information I could have acquired on my own but doing so this way saved me a ton of time and energy…maybe.

It really depends on if the information contained within is accurate but I tend to think it probably is.

And since the price was less than I’d pay for a sandwich I figured I’d take a swing at it and see what I find. Thus far it looks pretty good because it is a 60+ page list and it includes advice.

The next step is to pick a few targets and see what happens, ya know, send them a pitch and see if they are open to working with me. It is kind of similar to trying to push a boulder uphill.

It takes a bit of doing to get that boulder moving, but once you have it rolling it gets easier.

In this case it is a matter of establishing credentials and trust, once you have that it becomes easier to secure more work.

Have to build the portfolio, these posts aren’t enough.

The Great Juggling Act of 2015

I’m tied up in/with the great juggling act of 2015. Running like a chicken with my head cut off at breakneck speed hoping that I don’t trip and screw things up because I have too many balls in the air.

Speaking of which I got hit in the balls the other day. It is never fun but it is always worse when you don’t expect it.

It was a knee during a basketball game. Guy who did it asked if he could do anything to help. I said find a beautiful woman to rub them but the asshole didn’t comply so I just bent over and took a deep breath.

Well there are certainly worse things that could happen. Need to update the story blog, just haven’t had time to put it down yet.

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