Write Compelling Content Using Music

Write Compelling Content Using Music

“I am a big fan of soundtracks. A good soundtrack is a critical part of a movie/television show as it helps to paint a picture and set the mood. Think about watching a horror movie, without the sound it is just not that scary. The music sets the tone, even if you are not familiar with a particular movie the music affects your feelings and emotions.” -Jack

If you want compelling content that hooks a reader I suggest that you find a way to incorporate music into your posts. Music is a very useful tool that you can use to set a mood and to help color the scene you are setting.

I write these posts because I love to write. It feels natural to sit here and find ways to arrange the words so that they evoke thoughts and feelings in myself and those who read them. So
I intentionally try to seek out pieces that complement
the words that you read here.

The music helps to fill in the gaps that language cannot reach and to help express the thoughts and ideas that I am trying to share with you. So it is with some regret and frustration that I say again that I wish that I could play an instrument and write musical pieces.

There are moments when I dream about having the time to devote to this. There are moments when I dream of writing a symphony or opera about life, love and heartbreak. Moments where I can almost hear the song of my soul and I think that I am crippled by not being able to truly share it.

Now I can take advantage of the resources that we do have and provide links that you can use to hear some of what I am referring to. In some cases the music has such a strong association with a movie that it becomes easier to use it to draw a picture for the readers.

Ideally music is there to supplement the writing and not to supplant it.

What do you think?


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