Due To Technical Difficulties

This is day two of the great computer crash of 2009. Of course we need to clarify that great is not being used in a positive sense here. This post is being composed upon my BlackBerry and sent to Posterous. Posterous in turn will distribute it to a few of my blogs. Writing is something I take pleasure in and find to be therapeutic so I am grateful to be able to post in this manner. However it is still unwieldy and cumbersome. Given the choice I would prefer to use my computer and a full size keyboard. I suppose that this is a good time to interject some thoughts about future smartphones and or computers. If I had the ability I would invent a smartphone device that would shrink and expand in size. I envision something that is paper thin and easily fits in your pocket. However it could expand as large as a letter size piece of paper. A large portion would serve as the screen/display. Just beneath would be a full size keyboard. At full size it could be a touchscreen. The large size would make it less likely to have some of the issues we see today. Of course this device would play music, video etc. Unfortunately that day isn’t here yet so we’ll have to wait and see what the tech world comes up with. With any luck I’ll solve my existing tech issues long before that. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


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