What Is The Purpose

What is the purpose is the sort of headline that I particularly enjoy because there are so many different ways to end it. Give an exclamation point, a question mark or a period and have a field day writing a post that supports whichever punctuation mark you have chosen to use.

So you might wonder why I haven’t chosen to decorate the headline with one of the aforementioned marks and I would say it is because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take this post in. Part of me wanted to use a question mark because I have a question about the purpose of this blog and another part told the first part to ‘stuff it.’

The net result is that I have a civil war of sorts going on in which the various parts, participants and players can’t come to consensus about point and purpose. It is a perfectly preposterous situation that shouldn’t be this complicated. Yet it is…this complicated.

And so I have decided that instead of rambling hither, thither and yonder I shall simply ask you to read my words and accept my apology for the very sudden stop that is coming right now.


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