The Best Posts

My best posts come from a place that few know about and even fewer have seen. They are the source of endless material and there are more than a few stories that I could tell if I chose to.

Some may yet be shared and others just remembered in silence. Time will tell which it will all go. But if you ask me about it I would say that much depends upon the battle between heart and head.

Tis a war worth remembering and one that doesn’t have a set time frame. Perhaps it is worth noting that some say that they will wait while others wander lost among silly songs of logic, reasoning and rational thought.

Why are they silly? Because everyone knows that the heart wants what the heart wants and logic isn’t the guiding factor or final arbiter or what can or will be.

For love is immortality.
Emily Dickinson

“I dwell in possibility…”
― Emily Dickinson

“If you were coming in the fall,
I’d brush the summer by,
With half a smile and half a spurn,
As housewives do a fly.

If I could see you in a year,
I’d wind the months in balls,
And put them each in separate drawers,
Until their time befalls.”
― Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems


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