Acronyms and initials are a funny thing. MLBF, AAF, MLB, NBA- we are really good at coming up with lots of them. Not sure what made me think about that, just sort of rambling along.

Been working on a bunch of different things and am curious to see where my projects go. The great mystic Pasqualina told me that this year would be special and that some amazing things would happen. I suppose that time will tell whether her predictions are real or otherwise.

Of course I work hard to make my own luck. I expect that this will be proven by the result of said projects. The story I am working on is coming along. Got a few details to adjust and some things to tweak but I expect that we are going to see the edited version real soon.

I know how to wait and how to sustain my efforts. I suspect that these things should serve me well and help me successfully meet some of the goals I have established.

And now, some basic reading material:


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