Rumor has it there might be a trip out that way in the near future. Won’t know for a little bit whether I need to go out and get a new Stetson to go with my boots or not.

Kind of funny to think about, the boots that is. Got this nice pair of black Justin boots waaaaayyyyy back in the early 90s when I was a wee lad in college. Might have to share the story of how and why I got them, but today won’t be that day.

Anyhoo, I wore them enough to get comfortable but not enough to make them appear worn out so those old boots of mine are still with me. If they could talk they would have more than a tale or two to tell.

Be kind of fun to see/hear those, or maybe not. Maybe some stories are better left in the past. All depends on whether you like archaeology and things of that nature. Not to mention your definition of the past. Some things are long ago and others aren’t nearly as far away as they might appear.

Kind of reminds me of that warning you see on the sideview mirror of some cars- “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.”

Life is one hell of a ride, you just never know where it is going to take you too.


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