It is midnight and I am thinking about a post called Can You Still Melt Her Heart? It hasn’t been written yet but it might very well be sooner than later.

Might be about a girl who loved a boy and then walked away because she said she couldn’t do it anymore. Except like all good love stories she didn’t really walk away, not entirely. She tried to. She told him to go away because it could never be and said mean things that she thought would push him away.

It might have worked but he didn’t believe what she said because her actions contradicted her words. So he worked on other things and focused his attention on other areas knowing that it was more a matter of timing than anything else.

Sooner or later he’d find a way to tear down the wall and melt the ice she poured around her heart. Some things can’t be stopped, they can only be slowed down, or so I once heard.

Anyhoo, it is just an idea and who knows where an idea might take you.

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