What I See

There is an image in my head that I have seen so many times I can’t help but wonder if it is hope, dream and or imagination.

You are standing a few feet away from me. I take two steps and am close enough to take your hand. I see you stiffen and watch your eyes to figure out if it is fear, anticipation, desire or a combination of all three.

I take your hand and pull you towards me. You don’t fight it but you don’t run either. When I put my arms around you I can feel you hug me back, but it is with uncertainty.

We make eye contact and I tell you that you are going to have to ask. You get indignant and tell me that you won’t ever do it. I laugh and say, “you just did.”

When I kiss you there is no uncertainty and all that pent up passion comes pouring out.

I make a crack and you respond with something about humility. I say it is not arrogant if it is true…air sucker.

You tell me to shut up and this time you are the one who initiates the kiss.

Somewhere down the road those weekends in New England play out with endless possibilities.


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