The Warm Up

Rumor has it today is national grammar day which means I want rite lyke dis.

On a somewhat more serious note there was a day when a girl loved a boy who was known as Sweetcheeks and I am willing to bet that even though she says otherwise that guy culd find a whey 2 chahrm her sahcks off again.

Actually it is not even a question of whether it could happen, it is really more of a when. Really, that old fool still has a couple of cards he hasn’t played yet and a few tricks up his sleeve that he knows are pure magic.

At the moment he is too busy working on a project that will likely put him in the same place as her for the first time in a good long while, but the dude doesn’t know for certain if that is going to happen.

That is part of the fun of the future and the not knowing if one day you’ll be wandering around Glade Crossing again or hanging out at Double Dave’s to grab a slice of pizza. Could happen, might happen and then again it might not.

Thing is that even if it does you never know whether the phones will choose to work that day or not.  If you don’t follow the tale that is being told here, don’t despair because all will be made clear in time.
This is just the warm up for something else.


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