Logic Versus Gut

Someone complained to me about how hard it is to run one blog and I smiled but said nothing. I have around four or so that I update on a regular basis but I don’t find it particularly challenging.

If you are someone who searches for answers about how and why things work you can attribute my success to the following:

  1. I love writing so this does not feel like a chore to me.
  2. I don’t have to worry about turning these posts in for pay.

That doesn’t mean I am not concerned about quality because I always am, but I have enough experience doing this to know I produce solid work that is generally clean. You won’t find many grammatical or spelling errors.

Of course it does remind me of a time when I assumed the persona of Sweetcheeks the lovable and affable fool who kuldnt rite well. Hee tahlked wit ahn axent and mayde peeple krazy cuz dey culdnt feeguire oht wat he said or where he was from.

It was obvious he was the fabrication of some twisted mind. Ok, he came from my mind, all but the name which came from someone even crazier than myself.

Logic Versus Gut

The question of the moment that I find myself wrestling with is how much credence to apply to what my gut tells me as opposed to what seems to be logically obvious.

Is intuition based upon experience or can you say it is also tied into something more. I lean towards adopting a position based upon empirical evidence and less upon what might be funneled towards us via other means.

But I never forget that people like to think they act based upon logic and seldom do. It makes them feel good to say they are handling things in a way that seems to stem from their so called logical stance and I don’t fault them for it.

I like to say I do the same and then I open my eyes and accept it is not always true.

It is all part of why people make me laugh. There is endless entertainment there. Someone claims they act a certain way and promises that is how it is and you find out it is simply not true.

Logic versus gut. Which way do we go.


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