A Brutal Day

It was a very long weekend followed by a mediocre Monday and what I can only describe as a brutal Tuesday. The knight has been battling dragons, demons and countless enemies because that is what he does.

These words are not designed to elicit sympathy, anger, happiness or anything from anyone. They are just a place to vent and to let go of the things we sometimes carry. It is what we do when we don’t feel supported or appreciated.

It is what we do when we look in the mirror and wonder who the face staring back at us belongs to.

Sometimes we run with the moon and let go of all that keeps us trapped on this plane. We run with reckless abandon and strip away the trappings of civility and let the primal urges flow freely.

Howl, hunt, sleep and run.
Repeat the cycle as often as necessary.

Find succor and sustenance where we can and take it when we will. Dance in the fire, scream at the heavens and accept that it is part of climbing a hill. Just a little bit longer and we’ll be back at the top safely ensconced in the clouds and enjoying the views of the valley below.

Won’t be long, just a matter of time.

It gets closer each day and sooner or later the joy of coasting down the hill will be enjoyed by all,


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