I keep reading/hearing whiny remarks from businesses and people who believe it is unfair for the government to “force” them to help see that fewer Americans are uninsured.

It frustrates me to hear/read some of these remarks for a host of reasons:

  1. Some people volunteer they aren’t really familiar with what it entails but say they know enough to dislike it.
  2. Some people say it is not their responsibility to help others who are uninsured.

There are other reasons I could list but those are enough.

When people say they know enough to know it is wrong but they haven’t read it I just want to shake them. It is not like you can’t find information online or a link to the PDF that provides access to the bills.

You can read all about it and educate yourself. It takes a small bit of effort but it is an easy way to prevent yourself from looking like the kind of fool who said they were sure the earth is flat because their Aunt Brenda told them it was.

Call me what you will but I believe we have a social and moral obligation to help feed, clothe and care for the people we live with and among. I haven’t any doubt that some people will take advantage of the situation but I also know that some are incapable of taking advantage of opportunity period.

From a business perspective I want to build a company that attracts and retains top talent. Part of the way you do that is by providing benefits and helping to ensure that your employees and their families stay healthy.

Part of the way you help build a stronger economy is by creating an environment where people don’t go bankrupt because of catastrophic illnesses and or injuries.

It doesn’t take much for life to spin your fortune 180 degrees. Fall off of a ladder, down the stairs or get hit by a bus and watch what happens to your medical bills.


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