Gimme Three Steps

Gimme Three Steps is the title of a Lynrd Skynrd song the boys and I used to sing in college but it is also a good description of how I see today.

That is because I have three times as much to do as normal and twice as many hurdles to get through to get it all done. In the days of yesteryear old Jack didn’t require a running start to get to the rim, but old legs don’t have the same spring as they used to so I could use a little help.

It is a mix of excitement and a dab of fear I feel. This is opportunity knocking and I am confident I can grab that brass ring but there is that moment of hesitation where I wonder if Lucy is going to jerk the ball away at the last second.

Wouldn’t be the first time the old girl tried to jerk me off and definitely not the preferred method, but sometimes those things happen so you just roll with it and adapt.


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