Old Dogs and New Tricks

My Droid X stopped working properly so I made the decision to go for the early upgrade and picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note II.  This phone is a beast and thus far I love it, but I admit it is making me slightly crazy.

Not because of anything bad but because this old dog wishes he already knew how to use all of this phone’s capabilities. It is amazing to me how much power this particular model has under the hood.

I am really enjoying playing with it and expect this will be not only a great business tool but something that is quite useful for play time too. First step is figuring out if I can transfer my old apps over to this or if I had to just download them all again.

In other news I have a bunch of ideas for new posts that I want to write at the other blogs, just need to find some time to make that happen. Seems like those free moments are going to continue to come between 11 and Midnight, not such a bad thing but I sure wish I could get to them earlier.


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