Fun With Writing

It is almost 1 am and I still haven’t learned how to go sleep at a reasonable hour. I love this time of night and how the quiet of it calms my heart and soothes my soul.

This is when I start to come alive and the time when some of my best writing chooses to emerge. Here in the quiet of the night I see things differently and hear sounds that aren’t as loud during the day.


It is December 7th now, Pearl Harbor day.

This was a huge moment in the lives of my grandparents we can still hear the echoes. It changed America and it changed the world.  It forced us to look outwards and to stop thinking about WW II as being something that was happening elsewhere to other people.

That sense of things happening to other people still impacts us today, but we’ll save that discussion for late. This post is just a chance to throw some thoughts together before I go to sleep.

Tomorrow I want to revisit some posts and think about what I want to do with them, if anything.

Pray for Him

The Dream

Plenty of Time



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