Communication Breakdown

Spent a chunk of the day working out of a coffee shop where I sat in the corner sipping my Joe and watching the people that wandered in and out of the joint.

About two hours into my stay I was distracted by a couple who appeared to be having a serious disagreement about something. Because of where they were sitting it was virtually impossible not to “see” them gesturing angrily and I decided it might be a good time to take a break.

So I took off my headphones, stretched out my arms and looked out the window at the blue skies outside. While I contemplated whether I wanted to continue working there or if it was time to find somewhere else to work I “eavesdropped” on their conversation.

Although I have to ask is it still eavesdropping when you can’t help but hear the conversation that is taking place around you. They were so close that I could hear them even with my headphones on.

Anyhoo after about ten minutes of listening to them go back and forth it became apparent that neither one of them was really listening to the other. Each one kept repeating the same thing three different ways while ignoring what the other one had been saying.

For a moment I considered playing Dr. Phil and thought about how I could tell them both to stuff it for a moment while I explained what was so clear to everyone else. But I didn’t.

Mainly because I didn’t have time to do it nor all that much inclination.

It did make me think about various disagreements I have had with others and how sometimes the disagreements continued far longer because we refused to let things go. It was more important to point out what the other person had done to anger or hurt than to try to move on.

Certainly it is not always possible to let go and forget but more times than not it is.

And when I think about how many people I know that have died before they turned 45 it make me wonder what the point of all this nonsense is. It is part of why I have gotten better about letting some things go and have focused so strongly on trying to do the things that make me happy and fulfilled.

It is the sort of thing that sounds very “new ageish” but it is also the sort of thing that just makes sense. Every moment I give in to anger is one that I am not happy and I much prefer happy.

That is a big part of why I have made and continue to make multiple changes in my life. I refuse to die knowing that I didn’t make the effort to do certain things.


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