Computer Woes

Some say all good things must come to an end and that is certainly a good description for what has happened to my laptop. The poor sod had been used each day for hours at a time.

Eventually he reached a point at which he demanded better wages and more benefits. When I refused to accede to his wishes he went crazy and stopped working.

I offered the silly monkey a banana and suggested that it stop acting like an overly entitled Arkansas redneck but it just plumb refused. So I told that rusty SOB to prepare to battle and we went at it like Uncle Froah attacking the thermostat.

Eventually I got tired of the drama and opted to reformat the  hard drive, but before I did it I spent the day backing up my files. If I have done it all properly I’ll have a set on DVD as well as the backup on the external hard drive.

With a bit of luck I’ll have that bad boy up and running again before midnight tonight.

All of this is tied into my thinking about acquiring a couple of certifications, but that is a story for a different time.


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