The End Of The Year Shuffle

The end of the year is almost here and as usual there are a million things swirling around inside my head. It is a time of change and opportunity and a time of reflection.

Later today I am going to be interviewed on camera regarding my thoughts as a parent and person about some current events. Kind of excited about that, but am very tired too so I hope I don’t look silly.

Blame the fatigue on a Winter Cold which is never welcome nor a joyful thing but that is part of the adventure we call life. Several posts on my other blogs are blowing up right now and I am kind of excited about that too.

I think my writing has improved and that I am able to more with it than ever before and that excites me. That is because I have a thing for unfulfilled potential- it drives me crazy.

Sometimes it gets under my skin but most of the time I am good about it because life is filled with choices and decisions and those we make today are not always what we could choose for tomorrow or what we would have chosen yesterday.

That is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it just is a thing.

Here are links to some of the posts that have been doing well elsewhere:

I expect to be here later today to share some more thoughts.


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