And Here We Are

I supposed as the follow up to the previous post I should note the interview went well or at least I think it did. Will probably put  a link up at one of the other blogs, but don’t have time to do it right now.

The panel was fun and I enjoyed myself. I was advised to try to be larger than life but I refrained from getting too crazy as the recording will be around for quite some time and I wanted to make sure I knew what I was dealing with prior to getting in something that might cause trouble down the road.

It is not because I was particularly controversial but because people sometimes take our words out of context and adjust them to fit their agenda. I felt this situation might be better served by not acting like some sort of  hick from Ohio.

Was reminded today about the need for self hosting because when you don’t “own” your blog you run the risk of it disappearing. The various blogging platforms can decide you have violated their TOS and just pull your site down and there is no guarantee you’ll convince them to restore it nor that you will get your content back.

If you have invested any real time into your efforts you probably don’t want to see that happen. I still remember the frustration I felt when I lost some of my stuff. The Audioblogger posts from when I first started were probably a mixed bag, can’t say for certain they were stellar but they might have been.

Would prefer to listen and determine if they really were good or bad. Dinner time, going to update the other blogs in a bit. It is all of 6:30 here so it will be a couple of hours, but it will happen.


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