Layers, Secrets and Holding Back

Just beginning to scratch the surface here. Just beginning to understand the depth and levels that can be reached. Dancing in the fire has helped to open my eyes and brought clarity and purpose.

Yet at the same time there is a fog that remains and clouds to be walked through. When you can’t see all that you want and haven’t the benefit of relying upon your instrument panel all you can do is go by instinct and by action.

Not reaction, action.

Reaction is always after the fact, action is what comes before.

Point, click and respond.

Yet there is a piece and a part that refuses to move because of the whispers.  Chance and choice do battle alongside of heart and head.

Call it waiting for the click and the “certainty” that now is the moment to move. When I close my eyes I see it.

All I have to do now is show it.


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