Fragments of Fiction

Got bits and pieces of my fiction scattered all over the place. I put together some of it over here but not all. I keep finding other pieces that are scattered around sort of like the Shmata Queen’s head.

It happens when you grow up in a place the rivers burst into flame and sun refuses to shine. Of course I am not really supposed to talk about any of that stuff because she is being ignored and that is what she likes.

She likes it when there is an edge, likes having her pig tails pulled and all that other silly rot. But I won’t say more than that now, maybe tomorrow but not tonight.

Because tonight I have a different focus and that is on figuring out what I am going to do about a few other things that take precedence.

Life is evolving and these changes require me to stop picking on shorty ‘cuz I have got a few things to do first.

Don’t read this twice because the invisible message isn’t located here.


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