A Brand New Day

This scene in Casablanca is one of my all time favorites, just love it. Hell, I love the whole movie and only wish I could write something as beautiful as that tale.

I believe I have the ability to do so but the question isn’t about potential but about execution. We can spend all day and all night talking about what we could do but there is a world of difference between what we can and what we will do.

Been thinking about it for more reasons than another new year rolling around. Went to a funeral last month and will be heading to another one this week.

Last month was for the mother of a dear friend and this week will be for the father of another dear friend. If anything makes me feel old it is attending these funerals for the parents of people I grew up with.


Don’t misunderstand that to mean I am not sorry for their loss or that it isn’t more significant than my feeling older because it is. All I am doing is sharing a thought here and that is what this whole writing thing is about.

It is about sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas with the world or at least whomever is interested in reading them. It is part of why I have multiple blogs. They all serve different purposes.

They are part of a virtual gym that I have erected so that I can exercise my mind and hopefully improve my writing chops.


I wrote a darker story called I Am Dead Now at one of the other blogs a short while ago. It is a good example of how sometimes I just write without any goals or ideas in mind. I just write with reckless abandon and see where it takes me.

Been writing now for the last two hours or so. Haven’t watched any football at all today which a bit different because normally I would turn on a game. Or maybe go see a movie, I know someone who says they say see a movie every news years day but can’t say whether that is true or not.


I have a Bar Mitzvah to go to and one to plan- both are family. I suppose that is sort of obvious since I said I have one to plan, but sometimes it doesn’t feel real to me.

Sometimes I wake up and expect to see the 19 year-old I was and sometimes I wake up knowing exactly who I am today. Nothing wrong with either one of those situations, just how it goes.

This is what it is today, but no guarantee about how it will be tomorrow.


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