Tuesday Tap Dance

The LAUSD school system has created this cockamamie schedule where every Tuesday the kids get out of school at 1:30 so that the staff can meet for “development.”

Makes me a bit crazy because it creates child care issues and I wonder how they came up with this great idea to have a weekly staff meeting mid-day.

It is almost 1:15 now which means I have no time to do anything important but too much time to sit around and do nothing which is why you are being graced with these words here.

Had a ridiculous disagreement with a person on another blog. She responded to a comment I made by telling me what I should have done and how to be a better parent. Most people I know tend to react poorly when faced with that sort of criticism from anyone, let alone a stranger.

Often times I ignore that sort of silliness but sometimes I am silly enough to engage and so I did. There is no joy in eviscerating an idiot and no award to be won other than the gift of knowing you stooped to their level.

Wrote a bunch of posts that some people might enjoy

Got a very big meeting tomorrow and I am feeling a bit crazed about it, which is probably why I engaged with the silly person  earlier today, not a good excuse but true.


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