Tuesday Night

Tuesday night and I am resting after my first day at the new job, decompressing.

It was a good day, but strange in many ways.

First days are always a bit crazy, you get hit with a ton of information about your new responsibilities and the people you now call colleague so it is not surprising to be tired when you come home.

But this time around was a bit more because I don’t have a real home yet. All I have is this room I am living in for a month or so.

There is no real timeline on it, might be here a bit longer or a bit less. It all depends on what part of town I choose to live in and how long it takes to rent a place.

Traffic was thick,  not like home, but there was enough to be noticeable.

I am trying to just enjoy the moments as they come but I would be remiss if I didn’t say I wish I could fast forward to the time where I have my own place and have developed a routine around the office.


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