Central Time

Until last week I had lived my entire life on the West Coast. Although I have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over I had never really paid much attention what happens when you live in a different time zone from your friends and family.

That is because when I traveled before it was for business or pleasure and it was easy to adjust to wherever I was at.

I can’t say it has been particularly hard to adjust now, but the two hour time difference has been more noticeable. It was dark when the Superbowl ended, not to mention it began far later than I am used to.

When I am starting to settle down and unwind for the evening the folks back home are finishing dinner or homework. It is a little bizarre.

And speaking of bizarre, what is with putting Police Towers up in shopping malls. I have seen it in two different places now, it just seems sort of odd. Oh well, I suppose it is better than having to worry about the river spontaneously combusting.


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