“And the ghosts of the pasts meet the person of the present…”

My drive to work yesterday was “highlighted” by some pretty heavy fog which made the world look rather ethereal to me and I found myself thinking about things from long ago and comparing them to today.

Wondered if the ghosts of the past would recognize the person of the present or if all that they would find were little fragments of what once was. Midway through my silent musing the semi in front of me slammed on his brakes so I was forced to think about other things like not dying on the ride to downtown.

One more day of work and then I get to spend my weekend doing whatever I want. It is kind of fun to have that sort of freedom, but at the same time when you don’t know anyone some of it is just like filling time.

I might go see a movie or two or maybe visit some of the museums. I hear there is an aquarium around here so I might visit that too, or I might not do any of those things. It is part of the fun–I am on my schedule and can adjust it any way I want.

Woohoo, how exciting.



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