It Takes Balls

It takes some big brass balls to pick up and leave home the way I did or so I keep telling myself. It wasn’t easy to pack up the car and drive off into the unknown without any clue what would be waiting on the other side.

I did it because I had to mix things up, had to do things differently to make things better. I saw a hint of opportunity and decided to go for it because I couldn’t stomach the idea that I might miss out on something good, meaningful and important because I was afraid of failure.

Failure wasn’t big enough to scare me away, but it looms out there in the dark and I have thought about it. Thought about it because I have learned the best way to deal with fear and anxiety is to stare it in the eye.

It doesn’t always work but I don’t know a better way so I go with what has helped me in the past. This isn’t easy, it is really hard and the truth is my anxiety level is higher than I want it to be.

But each day I get closer to the goal and to figuring out what I have to figure out. Each day I hang in is one step closer and that makes me happier.

I did this for the right reasons and I have no regrets for trying this out.

This is home.


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