Real Talk

  • Reeling In The Years- Steely Dan
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down- Kris Kristofferson
  • You Won’t See Me- The Beatles
  • Layla- Derek and The Dominos
  • A Day In The Life- The Beatles
  • Hero Of The Day-Metallica

Don’t try to analyze the songs or the words in this post because there are no hidden meanings in any of it. The songs are a snapshot of the last however many that played on iTunes and the words are just what I choose to put down on paper.

Saw the new Die Hard movie today and then spent the rest of the afternoon looking at apartments. Been a thousand years since I last lived in one and part of me has no interest in doing it again.

But it is a temporary thing so it is easy enough to do.

The hardest part is trying to figure out what location makes the most sense. I think I have narrowed it down and now I just need to see some more places so that I can figure out the last few details.

If someone had real interest in real talk it would be easy enough to make that happen and that is as much as I have to say about that.


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