I am landlocked now and that feels a bit strange. It is not like I visited the beach on a daily basis but it felt good to know that I could and now…I can’t.

It is not a bad thing, but it is different. Sometimes the sea calls to me and I feel the urge to go stand on the beach and listen to the sounds of the surf. It is one of those things that soothes my soul. Some people have tried to convince me that the great lakes are similar to the sea,  but they just aren’t.

The saltwater is a different beast altogether.

Wandering around the blogs and I came across this post about the moon and I laughed because it was a funny time to find it, but then again life has been nothing if not interesting lately and that just makes me smile.

I smile because I know things. I sense them, I feel them and know that this crazy journey is taking me somewhere. I know this little lassie who is more interested in hearing more about these things but she won’t admit it, so occasionally I take a poke at her, but probably not the way either of us wants.

Or maybe it is exactly the way we want, because we are two twisted or is it too twisted–maybe it is both.


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