Tell Me Why I Hate Mondays

Ok, I am not Bob Geldof or part of the Boomtown Rats, nor do I really hate Mondays. But that doesn’t prevent me from saying that today was long and hard.

Growing pains at the place that pays for the Ponderosa was part of it, a stiff car repair bill made it more challenging and then top it off with it being the first chag without any family.

That is bizarre and harder than I would have anticipated. Or maybe it is symbolic and part of the whole stranger in a strange land thing. Any way you slice it the thing is a bit messy.

Got slammed with two projects that I have to take on. I expect to complete them on time and with the quality they deserve, but I am not looking forward to the lack of sleep that comes with them.

OTOH, I anticipated this might happen so I did some preliminary work which may end up saving my butt.


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