Picked up a bottle of Bunnahabhain, 12 year old edition the other day and have decided I really like it. Probably had a bit much tonight, which is just my way of saying I am feeling a bit buzzed.

I rarely drink during the work week and when I do I am usually cautious about how much I have. I am not a huge fan of getting drunk, been there done that enough times in college and afterwards to not feel the need to do it.

I have read a million tales about how writers and other artists have used alcohol and other substances to help inspire and enhance their efforts but I haven’t seen a big benefit in that.

Maybe it is because I don’t need it to sharpen my senses or to give me license to touch the softer places inside. So now when I drink 99% of the time it is because I enjoy the taste of whatever it is in my glass.

This particular Scotch is pretty good, I like it a lot, which is probably why I ended up having a bit more than I might have.

It occurs to me that without practice I might find it difficult to pronounce the name of this particular bottle which might lend itself to helping to give the appearance that I am a bit sloshed.

On the other hand since none of you have my number it is unlikely that you and I will find ourselves in a position in which you can decide if I sound inebriated or not. This is not a good or bad thing, it is just a thing.


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