For What It is Worth

Hi Kids,

It looks like a bunch of new people have decided to become followers of the blog so it is time to care of some business.


We’ll start with a big thank you. I am grateful and appreciative of your time. I know there are other places you could be and other things you can do which is why I think I need to share a few things.

I started my blogging career a thousand years ago on Blogger. A couple of you have been hanging out with me since the beginning so you probably remember the ups and downs that came with Blogger and why  I thought about moving to WordPress.

Initially I created a blog called The Uncivilized Barbarian. On that blog I was Ozymandias and I sort of played around with WordPress but never really managed to make the move over so I spent most of my time on Blogger and occasionally updated the WordPress blog.

Somewhere around ’06 or ’07 I got fed up with Blogger and moved all of the posts over to the blog we are on now. But I didn’t shut the Blogger blog down because I didn’t want to lose my readers.

Time passed and around the end of 2010 I decided it was time to go self hosted at which point I opened up TheJackB.

That is where you will find most of my posts and most of my effort, but this place serves a purpose so I use it for shorter blurbs.


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