The 182,983 Least Important Headline Written Today

I uploaded a photo to Facebook today that I intended to use for my profile picture and received interesting feedback:

“You look like a gangster”

“Nice mugshot”

“What happened?”

It surprised me because I think it is a good photo. I am certainly not going to take it down just because some people busted my chops about it, but I’ll grant that their impression of my photo might be different from mine.

That is ok, I like different opinions and besides, people say a lot of things that they don’t necessarily mean. That is part of the joy of the world and dealing with the knuckleheads.

Wrote about 6,000 words or so at the office today, none of which will appear here. The real point is that I love being a full time writer again. These fragments I throw up on this page aren’t really representative of what I can do.

Truth is that I am not always fond of a lot of my work anyway.

If you want to see something else you can try Drunk Blogging For Amateurs. Or you can skip through the post and try these links:


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