Sometimes I look at that quote and wonder WTF he was smoking and/or if he just let life happen to him because it sounds like he didn’t control things.

But then I think about how much control we really have and realize that to a large extent all we can do is try to steer the ship in the general direction we want to go in. Sometimes you can’t fight the current and sail back upstream so you have to go with it.

That doesn’t mean you have no control but that we don’t have as much as we might like to think we do.

When I think about the last six months or so it becomes especially interesting to me to think about whether the universe might have more influence on our lives than I might have thought. It is not to say we don’t have free will but maybe there are things that we can’t just explain based upon science and logic.

It is not impossible, but  it is not easy for me to grab on to either.

Maybe that is why silly links like this one still make me laugh.

And now back to our full time blog:


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