Another Monday

It is another Monday and I am feeling a bit crazed because major aspects of life are up in the air now. Got some very big changes in front of me and it is one of those times where most of it is outside of my control.

That is not particularly unusual for me or for anyone else but it is making me feel edgier than normal. I feel unsettled in ways that are particularly irritating.

There is a part of me that is ready to get on a plane to go visit the folks at Pioneer Outfitters and enjoy a great Alaskan adventure. Yeah, that is exactly what it sounds like, me trying to run away. It is an escape and that is not entirely who I am.

What I mean is that Alaska sounds fascinating to me, as a person and a writer it sounds like it would be amazing. There have to be a ton of stories tied into that kind of adventure.

But I can’t just leave and I won’t because Harry Chapin is right, you can run 10,000 miles and still stay where you are.

These things may bother me, but they won’t get better if I don’t attack them head on.

Blast, I hate waiting.


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