The Big Meeting

Been one of those weeks where I feel like I am running around in circles with my hair on fire. Had several big meetings and got another one today.

Thus far they have all gone well and I expect today won’t be any different but I am just wired and that is wearing me out a bit. I understand why I feel like this and normally that would be enough to take the edge off but it is not working for me today.

I suspect it is because of all the changes that are tied into all of this and that knowing some of them are just around the corner is making it harder. Harder because they are big changes and I don’t have as much information as I want about them.

So it is making it harder to just roll with things, but sometimes that is how life is.

I suppose that I’ll trick myself into feeling better about it all by pretending I am some kind of superhero who needs to save the day. Yeah, I know it is goofy but if goofy works then I have no problem with it.

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