Don’t Poke The Bear

There is a game I play on my phone. Normally takes all of ten minutes per day or so. The goal of it is to build an “empire” consisting of cities and then use those to defend/attack.

Not unlike most of these online games players can band together to form alliances that they use to strengthen their “empire.” I haven’t been asked to join any alliances nor have I tried to form one.

I like the challenge of building my “empire” on my own. Been attacked many times by different players and found that it was hard to fight back because they were simply stronger than I.

But I know from experience that if you work steadily on growth time passes and you will reach a place of strength from which it becomes much easier to defend yourself.

Some guy/gal attacked me multiple times in a row today and got my attention. I knew I couldn’t beat them head on so I went after their mountains and grasslands. (Yeah, I know I am geeking it up with you now, but there is a point.)

They wrote me a note in the game telling me to back off so I responded in typical Jack fashion and reminded them they drew first blood. II suggested that if they didn’t like my response they could simply leave me alone or expect to be harassed constantly.

Since then they have “come down” upon me and encouraged all of their allies to attack me. But what they haven’t figured out yet is that I don’t ever quit. I keep attacking them but my goals are different than theirs.

1) It is a game and I don’t lose any sleep about whether I am the most or least powerful player.

2) If you are dumb enough to trash talk with me in a game like this you let me know that my response is getting to you and I will not quit because it is a point of principle to me.

3) Don’t poke the bear unless you are willing to fight to the death.

I am going to conduct my own version of guerrilla warfare until they leave me alone because that is how I operate. The way the game is set up I can keep building my armies in “hiding” until they are truly strong enough to go head-to-head with these silly fools.

If you want to compare this to real life you can do so. On the basketball court I strive to outwork the other guy, don’t care if he has more talent because if I work harder oftentimes I can beat them.

I look for the angles and work those too because part of working harder means you must work smarter too.

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