A Few Words

I could tell you a story that would make you cheer or I could tell you one that would make you cry. I could do a lot of things if I only had some more time to write as I wish and want to as opposed to have to.

Could tell you that I day dream about Sunday afternoons at 1724 and how they have been among the best of my life. Could tell you that they weren’t just among the best, but they were life changing. Because these were the moments in which fantasy came to fruition and dreams into reality.

They were the concrete evidence that you could move from the province of imagination to the proof of reality. The theorem called ‘I know things” proved with Mama’s Pizza and The Keg. What you thought you knew turned into something more, bigger, broader and more beautiful.

And though appearances suggest that time and circumstance are working against the extension of the moment some could successfully argue that this moment in time is the transition to the bigger and better period from which 1724 turns into decades of fulfillment and happiness.


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