Can’t Live On “If”

Keep hearing a lot of people talking about life in terms that always begin with “if” and though I understand why they say it I am trying hard not to be one of them.

Don’t want to be the guy whose life is based upon doing x but only if y happens. Been pushing hard not to be stuck like that and I intend to push harder to make sure it doesn’t.

Can’t guarantee or promise that it will but I can sure try.

That is what this whole year has been about. Moved to Texas because I had to mix things up. Moved back because it gave me an opportunity to change some other things.

Might move back to Texas again sooner than later but not basing it all upon if. Doing all I can to manage and take control.

On a side note I kind of like using this blog for these quick hit and run type posts. If you want to see longer works from me try:


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