Stop The Clock

Went away for a very pleasant weekend away from home but have been going nuts since I have been back trying to get things done.

Trying to remind myself that there is no point in trying to fit a weekend’s worth of stuff into the few hours I have left in the weekend and to just relax but it is hard. Want to do so many things to get things situated, not the least of which is sit down and just write.

These words you are reading here are helping to take some of the edge off but it is not enough to really make me feel like I have accomplished something. So I am either going to have to give up doing other things or accept that I can’t write.

Something tells me that I will probably give up a few hours of sleep, but that still won’t allow for me to write now as I want to.

And that my friends is me saying I have to go attend to other things for now. See you in a bit.


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