An Energy Exchange

There is a sort of energy exchange that flows between us. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say I always feel you and that some times I feel love coming through and sometimes I feel anger.

But what always strikes me is when it feels empty or distant because in some ways that is the most distinct feeling of all.

Can’t figure out what drives that or how it works but I have thought about it. Thought about it because I figure if I understood it better then I wouldn’t get this crazy feeling that makes me want to check in.

I don’t like that feeling. Don’t like feeling like I need anyone because it is scary to keep that piece open and available. But the really good stuff, the best parts and pieces only come when the doors are open on both sides.

I think of it as some sort of magnetic charge that can flow both directions. Maybe it is more accurate to describe this feeling as being drug like and to say you are my favorite addiction. Maybe that voice inside is fear that you’ll decide to walk.

And yet in the midst there is always this confidence, this feeling that I get.

That song catches me because between it and the video I feel this depth that I identify with. It reminds me of you and I.

It is the sort of depth you rarely find and I am forever grateful we did.

On a different tack altogether this keeps playing through my mind:


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