Just Write

My preference is not to have to work on Saturday nights but I have a Monday deadline and was not happy with the content I produced so I spent a chunk of today working on it.

Felt like crap earlier so I didn’t get much of anything done in the morning or afternoon. By late afternoon that had changed and I started to build a rhythm and got some flow into the words.

The final product is superior to what I initially had produced and I feel pretty good about it. Doesn’t mean that I won’t revisit it tomorrow to see what I think during the light of the day but I feel confident enough to let it lie over night.

It is good to have some real time off because even though I didn’t do any work on it earlier it was always on my mind, never did get much rest in.

Kind of frustrating when that happens because writing is what I do and when the words don’t flow freely it irks me. Don’t believe in writer’s block and I don’t suffer from it but sometimes the content isn’t nearly as good as I would like it to be.


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