I Know Things

I know a girl who tells me she isn’t crazy and says that sometimes I am mean but she still loves me. I know a girl who has told me to go away before and then come running after me. But some of that is because if she wasn’t there I went looking for her to remind her that only fools ignore the reality of the heart.

I know a girl who feels tired and spent and is trying to find ways to catch her breath. A girl who would gladly sleep in my arms and share her deepest and darkest fears and secrets. A girl who offers the same to me.

A girl who hates being ignored but doesn’t see the double standard when she does it. A girl who sometimes forgets that someone loves her madly and passionately. I know a girl who loves to read stories about the future that is coming but wonders sometimes if we are both nuts.

I could tell you much more and share more here but I won’t because I know things and some things aren’t shared out loud.

Some things are just understood.

Besides at the moment I am fighting one hell of a war with technology and it is sucking energy out of me. But I am thinking that sooner or later I’ll get a little time to head off to BJs for a beer and some food and all will feel normal again.


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