What If I Was Willing

Flipped through a few different songs on iTunes because I couldn’t figure out which one resonated with the feeling inside. Touched upon this one and that and settled upon The Wrestler by Springsteen because sometimes that one trick pony he talks about is me.

Sometimes the reflection in the mirror asks me how long I intend to dance in the fire and what would happen if I was willing to things a different way.

That is how it is and how it goes–what are you willing to do to get what you want. What are you willing to do to live the life you want.

There are no question marks there because I already know the answers. Already proven that I am willing to move heaven and earth to get the answers I need and now that I know I can go the distance.

Can do whatever it takes, but only if I am willing.

Yeah, there is a caveat there, a clause in the contract and I won’t ignore that.

People ask for answers to their questions and I often ignore them because they haven’t earned the right to enter the doors they seek to open. Or if they have they have forfeited that right and I am slow to give it back.

Sometimes I have to laugh at life and the absurdity of it all. Sometimes I have to laugh when people offer their definition of what is because it doesn’t matter what they say. They can call themselves a duck or a lion and everyone but them can see they are neither.

So I am back on the highway of life and am walking because you miss too damn much when you drive. If the goal is to take joy in the journey and to have an adventure you have to be willing to eat a little road dust along the way.

Don’t matter if say your heart isn’t in it because sometimes we don’t have the freedom to make that choice so we just dance in the fire and watch for the opportunity to climb back out.


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