God Gave Me You- Blake Shelton is playing on iTunes and I wonder if one day we’ll listen to this and you’ll turn to me and just nod your head. Beats the hell out of me, don’t really matter or care if we agree.

All I know is that things are happening now and I don’t entirely understand them. Got this funny feeling that comes and goes where I figure it is all unfolding as it should and moments where I want to grab a hold of life so that I can control it all.

Life Is Meant To Be Traveled Along The Field Of Dreams comes to mind and I think about how very much I want to have a few different discussions with you. I think about how I refuse to open up about some things with people and yet I’ll discuss virtually anything with you.

Detroit City by Bobby Bare is playing now and every time he sings “I want to go home” it makes me think I should be heading back your way and that one day soon I will.

Kind of bizarre this feeling, got mixed emotions including a bit of fear about setting myself up for a monster fall. Wouldn’t be the first time I did something stupid but then again recent experience makes it clear that some times the improbable can happen and that all it takes is faith, perseverance and a willingness to take a chance.

Listening to Brad Paisley sing Mud On the Tires now and I have this image of two stepping with you. Reminds me of a while back when we talked about dancing but never did quite make it happen. I probably didn’t tell you that I felt self conscious and nervous or that it caught me off guard.

But it did, it felt like we were 15 and I could barely look at you without feeling my heart pound.

And then Whiskey Lullaby comes on and I sit back in my chair, close my eyes and ask why this feels so damn real to me. Got my ideas but don’t want to open that door.

So much going on, so many good things and yet here we are, sitting next to each other yet miles apart. There is this major energy exchange between us and even though we aren’t on the phone talking, texting or emailing I can hear you.

Don’t care if you say I am crazy because I heard you before and proved that I did and this is no different. Just so damn surreal.


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