Just Random Thoughts

I hadn’t intended on using that clip but several hours ago I kept trying to remember the quote and so I am sharing it here with you

Trying to put together several more playlists to use for my writing, songs that inspire thought and music that helps me focus. Consider this post another place where I prime the pump and try to decide what stories to share.

Been thinking about a bunch of different things that are tied into the last year and the great adventure we call life and am trying to figure out what I wish to share and what remains locked inside.

Some of it is because not all of you need to know what lies beneath the surface, there are boundaries in blogging.

And some it is because some readers don’t understand the tone and mistake it for being something it is not. It is frustrating because when I see it in terms of utter clarity they do not and then we find ourselves butting heads.

That is something that has always been of interest to me, how people can have the same experience yet walk away with such dramatically different interpretation about what they saw/heard/experienced.

Sometimes you can attribute it to other things that are going on in their lives, outside stressors. I know that those things have colored my vision and that I react more strongly to some things, that I react differently to some things.

It is also why I sometimes will not say what is on my mind. It is tied into trying not to do something permanently stupid because I was upset.

That is the difference between then and now. Twenty some years ago I wouldn’t have held back and you would have heard whatever I thought, but not now.

It doesn’t mean I am unwilling to tell you exactly what I think. I haven’t any fear of saying exactly what I think but when there is no upside to doing so I am less likely to do so.

And I have found that silence can be a very effective tool. When you say nothing you force people to rely upon their imagination and that is a powerful tool.

As a writer I always want to touch your imagination, draw the outline of a picture that grabs your attention and then let you fill in the blanks.

At least that is how it tends to goes with those I really care about, if you aren’t part of that circle I very well might tell you in no uncertain terms that I want to tear off your arm and beat you to death with it.


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