An Odd Feeling

Everything is the same and yet everything is different. I feel like I am treading water now, changes on the horizon, too far to happen now too close to ignore.

Dealing with some tech issues with a blog, probably relatively minor SQL stuff but when you are teaching yourself how to do it little things sometimes become more complicated.

It is frustrating because I pick things up quickly, most of the time if I can see you do it I can figure it out too. Maybe I am doing too many things at once, maybe I am just missing one thing.

Got a laser beam like focus when I want to, capable of placing tremendous attention in certain areas and most of the time it works, but that one thing here…is missing.

Maybe that is what is bothering me, the sense that I am so very close, can almost grab it…just have to trust myself,


One thought on “An Odd Feeling

  1. OR maybe you need to step back and give it some space. Sometimes I realize I’m so close to stuff that I can’t see the solution until I step away. It’s funny to me how things that bothered me so much before, don’t now that time has given me more space between the fears and the outcome I’m living in now.
    Just saying ….

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