Unwanted Trolls and Assorted Thoughts

One of the challenges of blogging is dealing with the unwanted trolls who show up on your blog and leave obnoxious and offensive comments.

It is part of the reason why I have sometimes changed commenting systems because it provided another tool for dealing with them. Typically I start by denying IP addresses so they can’t visit and then I do the same with the comments.

Most of the time that works but every now and then you find one who is determined to show up anyway. I never can tell if it it is because they want to prove they can, if they are mentally ill or too damn stupid to find a new place to haunt.

But it comes with the territory and it is rarely an issue so I don’t spend much time dealing with it.

In other news I have been thinking about the About Me page on the main blog and how to improve it. Might add a picture or two. haven’t decided, definitely need to review the links and think about whether they are still the ones I want to “represent me.”


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