Past, Present and Future

I keep hearing and seeing things in my head and it is not because I am crazy. Keep seeing my apartment back on Bryant Irvin and keep seeing places around Texas.

That might be the recent past and it might not be the present but I am going to make it the future. Won’t be the same place as before, but I’ll be back in the Metroplex ‘cuz I have to go back. Got stuff to do and I don’t think I can truly rest or relax until that happens.

It is a crazy sort of feeling, but it makes me feel good thinking about. It just feels right to me, the thing I need to do. The thing I have to do.

Might not make sense to anyone else but I don’t care because this is just what I have to do. Sometimes when a person has that sort of gut feeling you have to follow it or be willing to accept the consequences of just not knowing. My preference is to be able to say I took a chance on being something more than settled for less because I feared the consequences.

The answer is yes, I wander with purpose. I know where I am going, might not know all the details about how I am going to get there but I am on my way.


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